Racing Statistics

  • Statistics of horses, racing over same distance
  • Draw statistics in last three seasons
  • Latest ranking of jockeys and trainers in current season

Daily Trackwork Report

  • Summary of trackwork and barrier trials, and displaying the number of workouts since last race
  • Daily training details and racing records on calendar view, with personalized filter
  • One click away from the exclusive custom-made trackwork and barrier trial videos

Horse Selector

  • Select favorite horses easily with Horse Selector

Like Index

  • Mark horses on their degree of likability in a race, records for formulating betting strategy easily

Live Racing

  • Login with betting account, to enjoy all live streaming for free, including local races and simulcast racing
  • Low latency (8-10 seconds)*
  • Using ‘Picture-in-Picture’ function, watch live racing and browse racing information simultaneously
*Depending on network band, districts and location at which could be faster than some TV channels

Instant Odds & Betting

  • Up to date odds for all bet-types, plus instant betting

Simulcast RacingNew

  • ‘Horse Information and Statistics’ - includes racing records, last 5 runs and comments
  • ‘Track Analysis’ - highlights track’s special features (uphill and downhill), easily visualize with the map preview
  • ‘Expert Column’ - shares analysis by racing experts, including reviews of past performance and tips
  • ‘Jockey / Trainer Ranking’ - lists out the ranking, number of wins and winning percentage of foreign jockeys and trainers