Racing Touch is an iPad app which features three studying modes including 3D parade ring view, card view and list view with a wide range of comprehensive content and features. This app provides you an informative and interactive racing experience even you are on the go.

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Graphically rich content

Graphically rich racing content

The horse profile page showcases essential information such as the horse’s last 6 runs and their videos, gear, and commentary from third party racing professionals. This app is also equipped with rating, weight, horse weight difference to last run and an exclusive Odds Enquiry function for Trio and First 4.

User-friendly functions

Personalised features

The “Like” index allows customers to mark their favorite as well as least liked horses on the App, makes it easier to study horse form.

Personalised features

"Quick Bet" function

Tap on any odds button, you can place a bet within 3 taps.


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